Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to Sexually Pleasure Yourself and Lover Even Better!

This article is not a beginner's how-to guide, but as the title states, it is a how-to guide intended for those looking for ways to sexually pleasure yourself or lover even better. Before I explain how to pleasure yourself and lover BETTER sexually, let us first review how to pleasure yourself or lover (in the first place) and define sexual pleasure.

Pleasuring yourself or lover is stimulating the nerves or nerve centers connected to the main pleasure center of the brain located in the hypothalamus. "Sexperts" refer to these nerve centers as erogenous
zones. Thus, for the purpose of this article, let us define, sexual pleasure as the stimulation of erogenous zones intensely enough to eventually produce sexual orgasm.

So, how do you pleasure yourself and lover even better sexually? Simple answer, you stimulate the erogenous zones better. The hard part, which really won't be so hard after reading this article, is how to make it "even better" than before? Remember, erogenous zones are nerve centers so the question really is: How do you stimulate the nerves better? Well, it is not rocket science, you must simply upgrade your stimulator.

Many people believe and have stated that no one can pleasure them better than they can pleasure themselves. While that may hold true for many people who have made sexual pleasure their favorite pastime, however; even the most skilled pleasure seeker or lover cannot compete with the capabilities of a "sexpertly" designed and engineered sex toy.

If you have never tried using a sex toy on yourself or lover, then the first thing you need to do is to decide to try it. Many people are afraid that the toy will make them or their lover stop wanting the real thing. Believe me, no inanimate object can ever fulfill the primal, emotional need that we all have to be physically and physiologically connected to another human being. However, sex toys are designed and engineered to reach and stimulate erogenous zones better than you or your lover ever could physically.

Again, this is not a beginner's how-to guide so you should already know what you or your partner likes, but by no means does this imply that you should not explore new and unused erogenous zones. There are sex toys designed to massage, stimulate and vibrate erogenous zones that you never knew that you or your lover had, but if you or your lover have never used a sex toy aid before, the next thing that you want to do is research. Do not just go out and buy the hottest, new best-selling toy; instead, start out with a sex toy that stimulates what you know you or your partner likes. Do not buy the most inexpensive toy for your first toy either because most of the time, you get what you pay for, and an initial bad experience could sadly deprive you of the intense pleasure you so richly deserve. There are hundreds, if not
thousands, of sex toy devices to stimulate whatever tickles your fancy so you should not just try one toy and call it a day. Your best option is probably to look for pleasure kits with a variety of sex toys designed for what pleases you and/or your lover. This is probably the most convenient way to try a good sampling of toys designed to stimulate your pleasure zones.

Finally, start out slow and work your way up. Many people make the tragic mistake of upgrading too far, too fast, and then get turned off with the toy because the toy was "too" something. As with any upgrade, or anything you have never tried before, there is going to be some learning curve before you become familiar and comfortable with it and can then take full advantage of the benefits of the upgraded features. I like to use the analogy of people starting a new physical fitness program to feel better about themselves. Despite several standard warnings to start out slow and not overdo it, most people always overdo it the first time out, and then give up the program before they really give it a chance to work because it did not feel good at first. However, for those that do not overdo it, or give it a chance to work even though it did not feel so good at first, these are the people that really feel good and glad about just knowing all the benefits they could have been missing out on, but are now feeling much better about themselves and how good their decision to give it a chance turned out. So start out gradually, work your way up to the advanced levels, and give it a chance, even if it does not work or feel even better at first because any new sex toy will probably take some getting used to at first, but as with any new recreational activity, once you get the hang of it is when the real fun starts, and then you can hardly wait for the next time you get to play.

Keep in mind that, as with all toys, naturally you will start to gravitate toward a favorite, but avoid just settling upon a favorite toy and that is all you ever play with because eventually you will want to create your own kit (toy box) of high-quality pleasure providers. Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to sexual pleasure, variety is the lifeblood of a good sex life.

So there you have it, how to sexually pleasure yourself and/or lover even better. If you do not already incorporate sex toys in your sex play, decide to try it. Next, do a little research so you can start creating your own pleasure kit based on sex toys designed to pleasure your and/or your lover's preferred erogenous zones. Then, start out slow and work your way up, this way it keeps getting better, and even better with each new upgrade.

I hope that you found this article very helpful. Everything that you need to create your own sexual pleasure kit can be found at the including more how-to sexual pleasure books and videos.


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